Creating a Simple Social Media Plan

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rss-icon-3-970191-mOkay, So we know that Social Media is really popular.  There are various platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc.  The problem is that simply some business owners may get confused on the various platforms and what is best for their business.   The truth is that social media can take a business from zero to hero in a very short amount of time.  This is what we commonly referred to as “going viral.”  One person likes your article, video. post, etc. and he or she shares it with a circle of friends and they share it.  Well, then it catches on like wildfire.

What Social Media can Bring
Social Media can bring instant exposure, instant credibility, more customers, more leads, etc.  So, how do you take advantage of social media?

Social Media Plan

Step 1:  Create goals for social media that are specific and measurable.  For example,  If you are a dentist, you could give away a valuable free report on myths about oral hygiene and in order to access this report a person would have to share it with at least 3 of their friends.  The end goal here would be to create a list of potential customers where you could advertise special deals and promotions you are running at the office.  Your end goal maybe to get 50 new people each week on your list.

Step 2:  Create social media Accounts and backgrounds (Note* See Step 3) if you haven’t already.

Step 3:  Make your social media pages have the end result in mine.  Most people want more customers, so make sure that the layout of your pages makes it easier for your potential customers to subscribe to your content.  Do not have a lot of clutter on the pages.

Step 4:  Tweak and Refine – See How Many People are reading, liking, and sharing your content.  What is your open rate for your e-mails?  Always continuously improve on your content.

Own a Weight Loss Clinic – Get More Clients In the Door

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If you own a weight loss clinic, this article will show you how to get more clients through the door.  Weight loss shouldn’t be so difficult – eat less and exercise more.  The problem is that people always seem to gravitate towards the easier path which is why the weight loss industry continues to be a multi-billion dollar industry every year.  There will always be a diet pill or weight loss supplement on the market.  You are competing against online advertisers, other local competitors, doctors, and gyms.

Pay attention to their Wants
What people really want as far as weight loss is concerned is a simple solution.  Maybe it is health supplements combined with simple meal plans.  Other people may enjoy quick, healthy, and easy smoothies on the go in the morning to jump start their day.  Some people prefer competitive weigh-ins every week.  Consider tayloring a plan to what your customers want.  A customizable plan for each individual makes him or her feel special.

Customer Retention
If you have a client that has hit a plateau in his or her weight loss journey, then it is important to keep them focused and not to allow them to quit the program.  Within the weight loss journey, many people hit a plateau.  At this stage, you could offer an upsell that has a more ‘rigorous’ regimen that is guaranteed to deliver results.  You also need to have a group of people that have been successful with the program coach and mentor others.  In exchange for their time, you could offer them special discounts on supplements and other healthy foods.

Getting Them in the Door
Try to form relationships with trusted professionals that may have clients who need to lose weight.  Some people may include doctors, beauty salons, beauty spas, and bridal gown shops.  You can give a referral commission to people who actually become customers.  Make sure you have a newsletter and that you are active with a website.  Make sure you post to facebook and twitter regularly.

Taking these small steps can really get and keep new clients.