Sewing Enthusiasts Profiting off of Political Merchandise

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With the presidential nomination right around the corner for 2106, we thought we would highlight how business and politics mix.  For this, we choose to highlight how political candidates use online stores selling campaign memorabilia in order to further their agenda.  We also highlight how selling these items is big business.

A digital campaign by any political strategist usually includes a online e-commerce store.  The store will provide various memorabilia of the candidate.  The funds used from the store will actually serve several purposes.  For example, the proceeds go to further push their campaigns, increase their number of small donors, and log personal information of potential voters.  This will help further push their views on certain issues. You could say that an online e-commerce store is really a fundraiser that is helping to get the candidate’s message out there.

Political memorabilia dates back to 1945.  Vendors set up booths to sell political merchandise which generates a lot of cash.  Ever see those vendors out on the street corner selling tees.  People make up their own political slogans that may sell well.  I once heard of a women who used her Singer 7258 sewing machine to sell custom tees and merchandise.  with the versatility of this particular model and the positive Singer 7258 reviews, I do not see how anyone could not make a side business of some sort with any sewing machine.  You may say that they are sort of taking advantage of a trend since the fans of a front runner or popular candidate supports a particular message or viewpoint.

Tattoos on Your Body as Walking Billboards

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The title of the article appears to be a little strange.  However, the title itself is very real and is going on as we speak.  So, what am I talking about?  Instead of the more traditional butterfly tattoos or any cool personal tattoo ideas you may have, you are using your body instead to promote a company.  Some people thought we would probably never reach the day where human bodies where actually used as a medium for advertising.  Well, it is real.  Allow me to explain a bit further below.

Why body art?

It is no secret that tattoos have been around for quite some time and people are becoming more and more accepting of them.  It makes sense that people view the human body as a work of art.  So, why not use the human body as a place for people to advertise.  It is unique and possibly can get people’s attention especially if displayed online.  There are several brokering agencies that a person can work with if they feel as if this would be a marketing avenue they would want to explore.

The firm charges anywhere from $100 to $5000 dollars depending upon the size, depth, and placement of the tattoo on the body.  Out of that fee, they take a cut.  Hence, why I referred to them as a brokering firm.  Like any other business, they take a percentage of the overall profits because they made the deal happen.

Will this form of marketing remain?

This is a question that is still up in the air.  Critics believe that this is simply a trend and will soon die out with all of the rest of them.  Obviously, this form of marketing is not for every type of business so tread carefully.












Only Player in Your Market – Razor Brand Example

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I was in the UK recently visiting my sister and I saw that my nephew was zooming around on one of these Razor e100 electric scooter bikes. It is really not a bike at all but a small zoomy scooter that is pretty neat. I thought to myself that electric scooters for kids would not be going anywhere anytime soon. It is just a fun toy for young kids. I know what you are saying. What on earth does that have to do with marketing?

Well, I’ll tell you. Off the top of my head, I can only really think of just one other brand that actually sells the electric scooter. It seems to me that the Razor brand is a really big contender if not the only contender in the market. They have effectively created a successful, unique product that has very little competitors. The brand is well known enough and produces a quality product that people usually are repeat buyers.

Are you the only recognizable player in your market?

This is usually an unlikely occurrence for anyone that has a new business or product. Sometimes an unique product will be a wild success and other times it will fail. Most people have a business or service that is not unique but they find a unique way to market and promote the business. That is essentially what you need to focus on. While your business or service may not be new, you need to try and find a strategic and effective way to market it so that you can keep a steady stream of customers! Till next time!

Is Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Meds Out of Control?

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So, the pharmaceutical industry is a big one.  It pays the drug companies to manufacture a drug and market it to a consumer for practically anything that is bothering them.  This adds up to multi-billions per year.   Just the other day, I was looking at an alternative health website which was talking about curing acid reflux and thought to myself:  How many people take prescription drugs on a regular basis?  In the past several years, big drug companies have come under scrutiny of what some would call deceptive markering practices.

What is Direct-to-Consumer Advertising

Simply, this means that a company will market directly to the consumer (you).  This is a more common term in the pharmaceutical industry.  Is it deceptive to market to a consumer first instead of telling a doctor about a specific new drug out on the market?  Let us examine this a little further.

The drug companies argue that it is a good thing in that they are helping to educate more consumers about a new drug, potentially opening the dialogue with their healthcare providers or doctors and by helping to uncover and treat otherwise misdiagnosed illnesses.

The opponents of this type of marketing state that these 30 second advertisements do not give consumers the entire picture, only glorifying benefits and not taking into account the risks.  Also, relying on a pill  for the rest of your life for your health concerns is not the best way to go.  Furthermore, patients tend to have a new found confidence when dealing with their doctors.  The patient may believe that this new drug out on the market is the best thing for them and the doctor’s several years of personal expertise may not be as valued.

There are basically three types of drug ads:  reminder ads, help-seeking ads, and product claim ads.  Why is this significant?  The reminder ads and help-seeking ads do not require that they disclose any potential side effects.

The help seeking ads do not really talk much about the drug at all.  They focus more on the symptoms and encourage people to go see their doctors.  An example of a help-seeking ad is below:

The reminder ads basically specify what form the drug is available in, dosage, and costs.  Here is an example of a reminder ad:

The drug companies continue to make billions off of the consumer but does it have the best interest of the consumer in mind.  The battle will continue to rage on.

Newspaper Advertising – A Hidden Gem

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With so much buzz about online marketing, many people forget that developing a strong offline marketing campaign can be very effective especially for local businesses. There are many advantages to offline marketing including newspapers.  Below, I will give you some reasons why you really should include newspapers in your advertising plan.


Over 100 million adults read a newspaper either through print or online each weekday

Over 50% of newspaper readers have at least two or more platforms to read the content

7 out of 10 adults have read a newspaper within the last week


Over 70% of newspaper users take action on an add they see

The newspaper is a wonderful medium for local advertisers. More than half of the advertising space is bought by local advertisers.

Niche Market

You can advertise by zip code, ethnicity, or certain age range (example:  college kids)


Online, you will get a lot of people who may be annoyed by advertising such as banner ads or pop ups.  In the newspaper, however, advertising is expected and many readers go through the newspapers searching for deals and coupons.  If they are actively searching for deals and coupons, it is more than likely that they will act on your ad if it peaks their interest.  Will everybody see your ad?  Of course not.  However, people who are shopping for deals are also looking to spend money which may give you a slight advantage.


If your budget is tight, no need to worry.  Newspaper advertising can be as low as $30 bucks and higher.  There are packages where you can spend a few hundred bucks and get into millions of newspapers.  There are small square ads, column ads, half-sized ads and full page ads.  That is really a strong advantage.  You can also negotiate to get extras at no cost to you such as ad design help and color.

Newspaper readers are also wealthy.  It is a misconception that it is just older people who read the newspaper.  There are people of all ages who check out the newspapers even people under the age of 45.  One thing is certain:  Alot of them do have a decent income.  These are the people who have buying power.  Using the right ad can lend a great return on your investment.

Creating a Simple Social Media Plan

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rss-icon-3-970191-mOkay, So we know that Social Media is really popular.  There are various platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc.  The problem is that simply some business owners may get confused on the various platforms and what is best for their business.   The truth is that social media can take a business from zero to hero in a very short amount of time.  This is what we commonly referred to as “going viral.”  One person likes your article, video. post, etc. and he or she shares it with a circle of friends and they share it.  Well, then it catches on like wildfire.

What Social Media can Bring
Social Media can bring instant exposure, instant credibility, more customers, more leads, etc.  So, how do you take advantage of social media?

Social Media Plan

Step 1:  Create goals for social media that are specific and measurable.  For example,  If you are a dentist, you could give away a valuable free report on myths about oral hygiene and in order to access this report a person would have to share it with at least 3 of their friends.  The end goal here would be to create a list of potential customers where you could advertise special deals and promotions you are running at the office.  Your end goal maybe to get 50 new people each week on your list.

Step 2:  Create social media Accounts and backgrounds (Note* See Step 3) if you haven’t already.

Step 3:  Make your social media pages have the end result in mine.  Most people want more customers, so make sure that the layout of your pages makes it easier for your potential customers to subscribe to your content.  Do not have a lot of clutter on the pages.

Step 4:  Tweak and Refine – See How Many People are reading, liking, and sharing your content.  What is your open rate for your e-mails?  Always continuously improve on your content.

Own a Weight Loss Clinic – Get More Clients In the Door

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If you own a weight loss clinic, this article will show you how to get more clients through the door.  Weight loss shouldn’t be so difficult – eat less and exercise more.  The problem is that people always seem to gravitate towards the easier path which is why the weight loss industry continues to be a multi-billion dollar industry every year.  There will always be some new consumer hydroxycut reviews or slimquick reviews on the market.  There are also companies who are well established.  The drug phentermine comes to mind as there are a lot of phentermine 37.5 reviews floating around on the internet.  You are competing against online advertisers, other local competitors, doctors, and gyms.

Pay attention to their Wants
What people really want as far as weight loss is concerned is a simple solution according to these real lipozene reviews.  Maybe it is health supplements combined with simple meal plans.  Other people may enjoy quick, healthy, and easy smoothies on the go in the morning to jump start their day.  Some people prefer competitive weigh-ins every week.  Consider tayloring a plan to what your customers want.  A customizable plan for each individual makes him or her feel special.

Customer Retention
If you have a client that has hit a plateau in his or her weight loss journey, then it is important to keep them focused and not to allow them to quit the program.  Within the weight loss journey, many people hit a plateau.  At this stage, you could offer an upsell that has a more ‘rigorous’ regimen that is guaranteed to deliver results.  You also need to have a group of people that have been successful with the program coach and mentor others.  In exchange for their time, you could offer them special discounts on supplements and other healthy foods.

Getting Them in the Door
Try to form relationships with trusted professionals that may have clients who need to lose weight.  Some people may include doctors, beauty salons, beauty spas, and bridal gown shops.  You can give a referral commission to people who actually become customers.  Make sure you have a newsletter and that you are active with a website.  Make sure you post to facebook and twitter regularly.

Taking these small steps can really get and keep new clients.